Board of Studies

No Title Designation
1 Dr. Hiren J. Patel Chairman
2 Dr. Jayesh Patel Nominee Principal
3 Mr. Yashpal Jadeja Nominee Principal
4 Dr. Suraj Shah Co-opted
5 Dr.Yupal Shukla Co-opted
6 Dr. Dharmensh Gadhvi Invitee
7 Dr. Abhishek Parikh Chairman
8 Dr. Rajesh Kiri Nominee Principal
9 Dr. Kundan Patel Nominee Principal
10 Dr. Mittal Dattani Co-opted
11 Dr. Ujal Mehta Co-opted
12 Dr. Sourbhi Chaturvedi Chairman
13 Dr. Maurvi Pandya Nominee Principal
14 Dr. Rajen Purohit Nominee Principal
15 Ms. Vidhita Sinha Co-opted
16 Dr. Shital Badshah Co-opted
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