Alumni Webirnar Series 2020 Employment scenario during/ post covid 19 by Mr. Heet Amin

A Webinar on Employment Scenario During/Post COVID-19


GUNI-VMPIM organized a webinar under the Alumni Webinar Series on 20th June from 11am-12pm on the topic-Employment Scenario during/post COVID-19. The speaker was Mr Heet Amin (Batch 2007-09). He is the Head of Human Resources at Wipro Lighting with 11 years of experience in the field of HR. We received an overwhelming response of 60+ students for the webinar. Mr Heet elaborated on the facts of the current phase of COVID-19 as far as employment is concerned. He displayed the pitfalls as well as the ways to come out with an edge through upskilling and utilizing the time to sharpen one's candidature.The students raised several questions bothering them at this stage when the employment scenario is gloomy. All their inhibitions and doubts got resolved effectively by the speaker. Overall, it was a learning experience and an eye-opener for the students who are feared about their placements, job losses and unemployment.


VMPIM, Ganpat University
Saturday, June 20, 2020
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